Moving on

Moving on can take on different avenues in life

Walking on top or around the tree stumps?

Walking on top or around the tree stumps?

Moving on can mean changing yourself to fit the needs of your present moments. Change does not always feel like a good thing, especially as you go through the transformation, but if you are patient, it begins to fit into your life.

Should I leave or stay?
You do not have to leave someone in your life to move on; just change the way you relate to them and you will begin to see a transformation in your life.

Being kind can be passed along your way and when you are nicer to others, the reciprocation is amazing!


Passing ways
When I haven’t seen someone in quite some time, in my mind’s eye I look and see the same person with their differences and know that they are still there inside with their shiny blue eyes and wide smile. Aging becomes appealing to me because the changes are so amazing; especially if the person you find has led a wonderful, healing life. Those people stay the same with subtle differences. And the people who seemed to have lived a hardship life may be unrecognizable at first but you know their voice, the way they walk and of course their eyes which tell you who they are.
I have always enjoyed looking at blue and green eyed people because in their eyes there are  blue oceans or stars in the center, and even in their aging faces, a child-like face appears.

And those differences that you have as you changed throughout the years are blessings; telling you that time has past and you need to move on to purposeful moments because you may not have as many moments as you believe you do.
Aging gives us that  push to do those special things that we kept putting off through the years.


Energize yourself today and take a good look around you; seeing if you can find someone who you have not seen in a long time. Give yourself time to wander through your old neighborhood; seeing the changes, and maybe also seeing some familiar faces that still live there.