What is next in your life?


Love you no matter what is next in life

Become a strong tree with many branches reaching out to your partner

Become a strong tree with many branches reaching out to your partner

You can take it slow; simmering your love life with some healthy and positive healing ways. Think for a moment about the last time you gave your partner a little gift. Some of us do not pamper our loved ones and we should.

If you have spoken the vows of marriage  are you keeping your vows?

Or are you a fair weather person who moves from one relationship to another, thinking that it is the person you are with, not your behavior. Well, think again. If you do not feed the fire of romance, the light grows dim~

How are you keeping true to your loved one?
Do you and your partner have unspoken  gestures like holding hands and hugs helping each other to stay close?

Begin to think about why you love the person you are with
I love you because you are part of me; our love is like a deep seed planted near my heart; always growing, green and beautiful, and we have tended it well. Striving to be each other’s best friend and finding ways to do things that are special and always being there no matter what; the good and bad times, the well and sick times.

Tending well
And when you need more tending in your garden, you know and take care of it; never letting things in life go dry or harsh. So today, tend to you loved one; making a special dinner or planning a date  where you go  some place romantic like a bed and breakfast.

Are you always there to wipe the tears?

Sometimes you may lose track of your partner because of grief. You may feel that you have to go things alone when it comes to bad things in your life like death. But that is when you need each other the most; taking time to hold, love and help your partner get through things.

Unending actions of love can bring you closer together.

Today, learn  how to rake the seeds carefully into the ground so that everything grows beautifully.