Where have I been? I was stuck

I want to un-stick myself from a stuck position to a Karmic flow of goodness and happiness in life’s path

Find your path and where it leads for you in this moment

Find your path and where it leads for you in this moment

I was stuck for quite awhile believing that I could manipulate my life to be where I want it to be, and it took up to this point in my travels to see that I have to let go of things for them to come back to me.

Just like a boomerang, Karmic happenings circle back and forth; good and bad are directed by your path and your attitude about yourself and others.

Honoring dreams and lucid days

It was in a dream; a lucid one where my mom was struggling with her last breath. She had been ill for some time and she wanted to see everyone she could before she left us. She was like her old self; talkative and smiling; greeting everyone who came to her bedside by name.

Peace Comes

But what I remember the most about mom in that moment was her last breath. It was so very long like a great wall had been lifted off of her chest; an awe breath that meant, “finally I am released from life and can move on to spirit.” And her spirit still visits me in some way almost daily to tell me to let go of things so that I can see clearly the path I need to take.

It is amazing to me that it took so very long to come to this point in life where I just need to wait while doing all the good I can for myself and others, and then things will be where they are supposed to be, and even if they are not where I want them to be; I need to accept it.


Good shall reap more good
Some think that Karma is always a bad thing (you get what your deserve).

When I think of Karma I believe it has 2 sides; a sort of yin and yang because there is always good and bad things happening in life.
A Karmic flow is  reaping what you sow.
When you do good things; good things flow to you and more and to more good comes to you.

And of course when you do bad things, that seems to keep on happening too.
To get un-stuck you need to put your optimistic flow on and do some positive things for yourself and others. You need to include yourself in this flow because you have to be feeling good and well to push this positive, Karmic flow to others.

Find ways today to make Karma happen in your life. Be the first to smile and say good morning to someone on your path. Do good things for your spouse, loved ones and see what flows today.

Be there without any negative agendas on your plate and you will feel the Karmic flow like a  great river rushing over you dropping its warm blue waters on your face as it wakes you up telling you to send kindness to yourself and others, and only then will kindness flow to you.