Springtime is a time to practice kindness

Have a spiritual awakening today that tells you to spread kindness, love and harmony to the world.

I want to be remembered as someone who helped someone else at the curve of their road

I want to be remembered as someone who helped someone else at the curve of their road

Spring into an awareness of your time on this Earth. It is a short traveling show where you are at the center; people remembering you for different reasons, and you want to make sure it is a positive remembrance. Think back to someone who made a significant contribution to your life; that good feeling that comes about in your mind’s eye is warm and kind. My mentor, an English teacher who was encouraging to me beyond where I felt comfortable about my ability to write. He said, “You have something inside of you that not many of us have. You have to let it come out in your words to others.” I was young and thought he was just trying to motivate me, but now I know that I did need to write in order to be a benefit to others along my path.



What is it that you do that others will remember you for?

When you are kind to others, it makes you feel good inside because you are doing something good.
But when you are kind to yourself you are nourishing others down your path. Your self improvement, lessons learned and experiences can help others grow.
Work on yourself right now; deciding what it is that you need to do.
Take the time to write some things down that you have been putting off. Was it something that seemed too challenging? Do it now!
Promise yourself to be kind internally; allowing your spirit and emotional self to be well. Nourishing yourself with some good literature and getting in touch with your soul through walks in nature that bring you back to your spirit.
Quiet yourself in meditation and prayer; finding ways to love yourself so that you are able to love others deeper than ever before.