Strongly focused

Strong ways are healing

The strength of angels in the sky so blue

The strength of angels in the sky so blue

Find strength right now; sit up straight, shoulders back, head held up high so that you feel strong in mind, body and soul.
And then soften your shoulders and begin to concentrate on strengthening your breath; taking a long deep breath until your shoulders rise up high, and then letting it all out like it is your last breath. If you have ever stood by someone who is dying, you remember their last breath so dearly; it becomes a cleansing that prepares the soul to reach for the sky.



Your breath is a beautiful way to bring you self strength so that you can practice being strongly focused and balanced each and every day. You are born with your first breath, and die the same way; your last breath is your angel breath; gathering stamina for your spirit life.


Taking care of yourself

If you want some healing energy, you need to take care of yourself; concentrating on every positive moment that you can visualize. You know that place in your heart center where everything is perfect.

You are on the beach picking up some sea shells and as you bend down you can feel the warm rays of the sun on your back. And you find a shiny white stone that reminds you of softness because it is so smooth. You imagine how many waves it took for this stone to become so very soft.

And you wonder how long it will take for you to practice strengthening ways before you become soft, centered and balanced any time you need to pause and see what is next in your life.

That next step you are about to take in life  is so very dear to your heart; you can hear, taste and smell it as it passing by you in the salt of the sea water.

Those soft ways with you hair blowing in the wind, softly caressing your cheeks as it clings to your face; letting you know that you do not have control of the wind any more than you have control of anything in this moment; the moment is as it is supposed to be.

And you are there, by yourself wondering what to do next because it seems that you have done it all this time.

You finally found time for yourself in the breezes of the sea where you can see everything clearly.

You wonder why you did not notice those shiny glass stones before this day, and as you flip a flat black stone across the parting waves and  it jumps up and down opening itself up  in circles to allow healing in and out of your spirit.