Feelings inside and out

Feelings are hard to deal with sometimes, and your thoughts stream through your mind at any given moment, but behaviors can be practiced and lessons can be learned well.

Travel down your road today in slow motion like you have nothing to do but float your boat

Travel down your road today in slow motion like you have nothing to do but float your boat

Begin each day setting out to control some of the behaviors you may need to change. For example, maybe you are not nice in the morning and your spouse fears your presence until you get that first cup of coffee. How can you change? Quitting coffee may help. Or maybe you just need to be aware of bad behaviors that may make life tough in the morning.

What kind of changes are you working on right now?

Do you have feelings and thoughts that seem to get in your way? Maybe too many tears, or too much anger in your life right now. How do you change those feelings?

You may not be able to change anything about your feelings and thoughts but you are in control of the many behaviors that may be getting in your way.

Behave yourself; something that your mom told you many times; stop being bad!

Mom was right, but how to you learn to behave better?

Maybe some acting lessons may help your behavior, or maybe you just have to practice behaving better. You had to practice in order to learn how to ride a bike or drive a car. Today is your first day at learning how to behave yourself!

Is your current relationship filled with impulsive behaviors and arguments?
How do you make your relationship better?
Start behaving yourself with your spouse by being nicer.
Get connected to your spouse so that you begin to feel good.
And then your feelings start to bring on joy, some happiness and perhaps even love into a relationship that may be rocky right now.

Catch yourself being nice and kind

Set out today to behave yourself by being kind and nice to someone. Practice on everyone you meet today. Yesterday I was in a bank line in my car, and when the gentleman next to me thought the girl was completing my transaction first, he got irate; yelling through the window at the girl about how long he had been waiting.

I rolled down my window and said, ” I think you got it wrong, there were 2 girls doing the work; one in training and one seasoned. She was just talking to me, she was not putting me ahead of you.”

I did not know this person and the irate man seemed a bit uncomfortable talking to me, but he said, ” Sorry, just thought I was being skipped, and I waited so long.” I smiled and said, ” I am not in a hurry today; the sun is shining and I just want to get home and take a walk. Hope that the rest of your day runs smoothly.”

Try doing something nice today to someone you don’t know. It really feels good.