Feel the sunshine

I want to feel the sunshine on my face not only warming me but helping me to see that I can move on

There is nothing like Florida sunrises

There is nothing like Florida sunrises

The sunshine feels like caressing touches as a lover once did, putting his hands through my hair gently. Those soft touches so dear to my heart seem so far away, yet nearby.
I know I can love myself again; giving myself gentle caresses of sunshine as I walk today in the morning sunlight.

And as I gaze warming myself I can think of soft breathing; slowing myself down to a meditative and healing way that brings me more warmth and pleasure.

I know that that I can help myself reach up and climb out of the darkness that comes often. Someday reaching a point where I love myself as much as I love others.

This new found way of caressing myself with warmth and sunshine can also be a vision in my mind’s eye that keeps me here with a soft and warm smile.

I know that you are near because I feel the wrapping of your arms around my shoulders; peeking to the side of my face so that I can see your sparkling brown eyes  with spiritual touches.

Whenever I need to just focus on my breath and slowing it down, I think of you at my side asking me to play a song on the piano. You say softly, ” Play the song of love and harmony.”

And I play softly but loud enough so that you can hear me in heaven. And you dance in circles dressed in orange silk with white flowers, gently swaying side to side waiting for me to dance with you.

These loving moments continue daily when I need you by my side; remembering those quiet spring days planting purple, yellow and orange flowers with you.