Caring for yourself

When are you going to finally understand that you have to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else?

It is wonderful to reflect on things and then make some changes. It feels good, even small changes are good ones

It is wonderful to reflect on things and then make some changes. It feels good, even small changes are good ones

So many people know they have to care for themselves, but many of us continue to struggle through our lives putting everyone else first; putting ourselves on the back burner.


Aging and being alone

You may feel alone in your quest to make changes, or feel afraid to take challenges now that you are older.




I saw a man who sat alone at a table in the corner of the restaurant near the window, and I wondered if he had just lost a spouse. He was an older gentleman with white hair and white whiskers.

He looked so lonely but I did not want him to think that I was looking for a mate, so I did not approach. I had in the past approached women who were alone but never men. To this day, I am not sure about him. I see him every so often in the village near my home, always alone.

There are so many lonely people around who don’t know what to do with themselves in their golden years.

And you would think that when you approach those years in life that are calmer and quieter, you would be centered in mind, body and spirit. But many of us find this transition to old age a difficult one, especially if you have not taken good care of yourself; not just your physical being, but your other selves need attention too.


It is time to do some caring for yourself

You spent your entire life taking care of others in your family, at work and friends who needed you.

What about you?

What are you doing right now that is going to bring your emotional and spiritual being back to a place with harmony and balance?

Where are you going?

When you think about your goals now, do they include ways to make sure you get what you need in life?

Questions that linger unanswered can make day to day happenings uncertain and sad.

Find ways to change what you are doing right now if it is not working, and even if it is working you may want to change just for  variety sake.

And how do you know if things in your life are not working?  Ask someone.

Through others in your life you can begin to see clearly what you may need to see, and it may hurt a bit when you realize that you truly need to change but then  a clarity emerges and you can see a good path to take.

Find ways to change.

Try something challenging today that will bring on a smile, and listen to your heart. Your heart and soul will tell you which way to go.