The only way left is up


Reach up today and live life well

New beginnings are here with spring in bloom. See the green in everything today

New beginnings are here with spring in bloom. See the green in everything today

Carry on and be a wonder to others but do not forget yourself, even if you are at rock bottom right now.  Reaching up, dusting yourself off and moving slowly down your path today can be very helpful to you and to others you meet.

Beauty of nature

We all have times in life where hopelessness comes in, but then you see a beautiful scene in nature or someone is kind to you. Today, both happened to me; beautiful geese in a field and a pleasant person at the market.

The geese are here to find their way; moving across the land where farmer’s plant their corn. I saw them today; too many to count as they scampered across the frozen grasses in the field. They sound like sweet children playing, talking to each other and looking at me as I jogged by them.

I feel their messages in the sweet sound of their calls, sending me a smile and a warm embrace this morning.

Beauty of others

And then while meeting a friend who was traveling today, I stopped at a store and met a girl named Amy.

Amy was the clerk at a small market near my home; we spoke and smiled about the weather being a little nicer today.

When I left, and pushed the cart to my car, Amy came out of the store to meet me and said with a smile, ” I came out to help you with your cart. I will take it inside for you.” I thanked her and told her that no one has ever helped me with my cart before and I told her how special it was.

We spoke for a few more minutes about the weather again and how I thought she looked familiar to me, and I said, “Someday I will remember where we connect.”

And today is as it should be with little kind happenings in it. And when you begin to remember some of the good moments that happen in your life every single day, that is when the hopeless moments turn around, circling their way back to you in a positive way.

Do not rush anything

Take time today with each person that you meet. Do not rush anything today, see the good in the moments before you. Take a little extra time with everyone today.

Be there to help when someone needs you.

Bring a smile and a warm hello to everyone you meet today.

Be there for your partner so they know you care.