In the beginning of love

Jack and Diana started out their lives in a romantic bliss; doing for each other in every way as do most newlyweds.

Beginnings are good times in life because they give you a sense of newness that lasts for quite some time. Most people can stay in a romantic way for many years but some of us have to renew before things become too rote, stagnant or boring.  You will see this in many ways as you move through a long relationship.


And as a friend once told me, “Old shoes are good but you need to repair them or find new ones to wear.” And many people do; they find new relationships that bring about a new spark when they could have just as well renewed what they had.

Do you have a relationship right now that may need some renewal?
Jack spoke on renewal at times but Diana was not listening; felt like things were okay  with their lives  but she knew that they had grown apart. Jack was not as happy as he used to be Diana thought, “It must be what getting older does to you; makes you think there may be better moments down the road.”
After some time Diana and Jack did realize that they needed something to spice up their life but it was difficult to find the exact thing that would help the most.
I believe that everything cycles in life like the shape of a ring. You may need to circle back and forth, thinking and behaving better toward each other; becoming passionate again about the love of your life.
That is why rings are so very important early on in relationships ( some call them friendship rings)  and at the peak, when you are getting married, rings bring on the newness of the relationship where people join forever with joint rings, circling through each other throughout their lives.

Renewing your relationship
Some people find that marriage renewal means many different things but I believe that you may need to circle back to the beginning; perhaps renewing your vows and beginning again.
Newness, freshness and caring for each other with passion again as you did in the beginning.

Now in the middle of life or toward the end of life, you need to begin again so that love stays with you throughout your life.

Wherever you are right now, treat your partner meaningfully with passion the way you used to in the beginning.