Staying in the middle

If you feel alone in the dark at times, you are not alone because many people go through the same type of darkness and you do. And when Spring arrives with its loving, graceful ways, things change and you move quicker and more purposeful, catching the rays from the warm sunny days.

Bring  light  into your life like a tree stretching up to the sky

Bring light into your life like a tree stretching up to the sky

My personal darkness opens up to light on occasion giving me some relief when I need it, and sometimes when I don’t. And if you are in a dark time, remember that things can change in the blink of an eye, and better days come along.


We all  go through things in life that are not much fun, including broken appliances, broken cars, and broken relationships.

The ultimate darkness in our lives seems to come when death hits our path. It may be a quick, unforeseen death or a long drawn out illness of someone we love. Whatever our darkness, know that it passes along just as each day, each moment and each breath. Because we begin life with our first breath, and end it the same way.
Struggle a little through things that are insignificant so that you can save yourself for the times when you really need to grieve about what has happened.

Do not make everything a crisis in life because when you truly have one, you may not have the energy to endure; helping yourself and others to get through to the open door where there is light again.

Broken things, crisis and grief

Do no focus on the blackness of your losses too long. Fix your broken things, linger on important fixes such as your marriage, and save grieving time for death and taxes. When you find this balance and realize that everything in life is not a crisis, you will feel calmer and more centered in life.

Find a middle ground where you can move on, even if it is only a snail’s pace, it is movement.