Powerfully Positive Women

Strength is a challenge


As spring arrives I think of the beauty of my garden with holly growing strongly

As spring arrives I think of the beauty of my garden with holly growing strongly


Every day I choose to be as strong as I can in mind, body and soul. And I have many mentors who have shown me how to challenge myself; becoming a positive presence to others. And I have not by any means become strong alone; powerful women are my guide each day.




When I have to do something physically difficult such as shoveling snow I think of women that I know who have brought a powerful presence to others.

Mother Teresa and Diana always come to mind, but there are others in my field of vision who I know personally that stood strong through many difficulties in life.

Power Signs
As a sign of the power I was given a Holly plant from a power woman  as a gift.

There is something about Holly that makes it  very strong, and even though it has struggled through a difficult winter this year, with large hunks of ice on its trunk and some brown leaves which I have never seen on this plant before, I know it will come back to me with its presence so very strong and straight with shiny leaves and colorful red berries.
Strong women are the same way.
They are strong and centered no matter what they come back to their positive ways like the presence of a strong tree; standing strong, shoulders back, and head looking forward, and always a slight grin on their face.
There may be tears on occasion but they are many expressions of love, kindness and hope that they spread in positive energy to others on their path each day.

My hope is to be remembered as a person who brought strength, love, caring and peace to others each day through kind words, smiles and healing ways.

When it is difficult to be kind, do it anyway because everyone in our path has something inside that you do not know about and kind words and expressions may be the only positive gesture they get today.