Free to make mistakes


I want to be as free as a bird soaring in the sky; reaching the stars and gliding down to earth; free to make mistakes and choices that others may not like or agree with.

The bench that I often sit on in the summertime watching the circles of water splashing as I toss a stone.

The bench that I often sit on in the summertime watching the circles of water splashing as I toss a stone.

When you set someone free to make choices about life it may be difficult but you have to stay in the truth phase of all relationships for them to flourish. And you may not like someone else’s truth because it does not measure up to yours. Or you may try to grab onto another who really needs their freedom right now; clinging too strongly. Everyone has their own story of what their truth is about life and as you age, your personal truths may change.

I remember years ago when a neighbor of mine seemed to have a healing touch with animals. She was always finding some animal to fix. What an ability it must be to have a healing touch with animals; able to mend them and send them off to their personal freedom.

My daughter and I found a blue jay with a broken wing and took it to her for fixing; not realizing that she would bring it to us when the bird was well so that we could see that there are miracles, and wings can mend.

And this bird seemed to have true gratitude not just for Meg who had mended her but for my daughter and myself. The bird visited us almost every time we stood on our deck; landing on our shoulders to thank us and say hello.

Relationships and freedom to mend

Relationships seem to need healing times.

Your wings may need some fixing.

You may have to start over again with loving and healing ways that mend things, or you may have to let the person fly on their own.

Telling the truth
When I think about thankfulness, truthfulness  comes to mind because sometimes you have to tell loved ones the truth even if it hurts; setting them free to go along their path, and then hope that they return when mended. When people stay trapped in  relationships, it can be just as devastating as not being able to fly as the blue jay did after a long healing  period. Partnerships sometimes need repair and can be mended with dedication, persistence and love.

You can fly
Fly again; soar in the sky and allow others to make their own way.
Because when you let go; things flourish or do not. It is not your call in life to make decisions for others. They must make their own happiness by staying or going along their own healing path.