Swaying to and fro

When I think of you I believe in the power of the swaying of tree branches in the wind

I see you behind the green and brown colors of nature standing strong like a tree

I see you behind the green and brown colors of nature standing strong like a tree

You can hear them as they crinkle and as you look up you see the contrast of the dark branches with the gray or blue sky. Just like your life, there is always some gray and blue with clarity in both colors if you look closely. Looking closely will bring you to the deepness of colors that are healing; feeling the deep browns, greens and reds of nature, waking you up to the energy they give.

Trees sway to and fro as if to wave to you, hello and good-bye. Sometimes good-bye just happens and things emerge for the better as if you needed time to be apart in order to see what is next in life.

Moving and swaying
There is always black and white, yin and yang on the horizon in every relationship that is moving. You may need to have a sway in the relationship you find dear right now to prevent complete stillness, because like running water you do not want to stop love from gaining strength and stamina through the years. Love is like the pressure of flowing waters; pushing you toward each other.
You want a relationship with some ups and downs; even though you may think that pleasant, unchanging loving times are better; you need the good with the bad of times.

Stay with your partner through the good times and bad so that you can remember when you need to be patient with things that are of value to you, and when you need to let go.

Valuable things are always worth the dedication and relentlessness; striving toward lasting understanding and loving times along with sad times.

As you age you will begin to honor how nature shows you the way toward peaceful times in life, but also shows you that storms have to happen to you.


Whatever your storm is right now; move through it with passion, reaching toward your goals in life, and finding what you need. Then there will be powerful times of pleasant love that lasts so long that you may forget that you have to feed it with passion and pleasant ways in order to keep the swaying of the trees moving and comforting you.