Recipe for happiness




What makes you happy?

Seeing some yellow in between the gray and whiteness of winter turning into spring makes me smile

Seeing some yellow in between the gray and whiteness of winter turning into spring makes me smile

You may think that you need someone in your life to make you happy but that is not one of the ingredients for happiness. Happiness is internal; first you have to be happy with yourself, and if you are not; change the things you need to change to make things good for you.










Here is the beginning of my list on what is in a happiness recipe. I am sure you can add to this recipe and pay it forward to others.
1. Taking good care of yourself; finding internal pleasures that propel you toward a happiness inside your soul.
2. Listing your passions in life that you have been putting off due to some unknown reason and persist on what you need to be happy, joyful and content in life.
3. Find ways to help others. This ingredient really helps because when you help someone else you also help yourself move toward happiness.

4. Know deep inside your heart center that you may need to change your attitude about happiness; realizing that you are the only one with the key to staying positive, hopeful and happy.

5. Be thankful. Thankful people are happy to just be here, in this present moment, taking their next breath.

6. Be accepting. Accept whatever it is that comes along in life; whether it is good or bad, it just is. And happiness comes with accepting what you cannot change.

7. Always be willing to change the things about yourself that others may notice are flaws. We all have them, and if someone is telling you that you need an overhaul, your probably do.

8. Take things in life slow and easy. Happy people do not rush; rushing brings on a stressful you! You need to stop and smell the roses very deeply so that you can wake up your happy senses. Bright colors,  sweet honeysuckle smells and sunshine bring about a happy mood.

9. Above all, happy people know that they have to work on happiness and joy every single day; keeping it strong.

10. A good start to a happy moment is putting a smile on your face with shoulders back, and head straight. A strong looking person becomes stronger through practicing tree-like strength that moves you toward a happy and content moment in time.