You can do it

Even when you feel down and out, you can do it, and you can do it well!

Do not give up on things; see things through in life’s adventures and challenges.

My dad used to tell me, ” Keep a stiff upper lip when it is hard to because you want to build strength.” Even in weak times I think of what dad said.

“Sometimes you have to buck up,”  I told my children in times of tears, sadness or distress, and they still giggle when they say it to each other  at family gatherings. But the stiff upper lip or the buck up sayings can help in troubled times. Be strong, be centered and never give up.

Watch the loveliness of a tree standing strong amidst the winter bliss

Watch the loveliness of a tree standing strong amidst the winter bliss


Carry on

You can move to that place in your heart center; you know where it is. There is a place in everyone called the soul. Deep down inside of your being there is a place that tells you that you cannot give up.
Listen to that place when it whispers to you; telling you to be strong, centered and ready for good and bad times.
And if you are in a bad situation right now and things are not going the way you planned, know that there will be long periods of good times too.
When you are in the middle of the good times, you may forget about those bad memories that seemed to linger too long because now you are here in the moment that is blissful and warm; caressing you with the beauty of living life well.

Know that everything in life has its opposites; black and white, yin and yang, sadness and happiness, good and bad times. Wait, be patient for those good times because they will be there for you.

Grieve, cry; tears are a good way to relieve your inner plight but know that laughter, giggles and smiles are on the other side of life waiting for you. Feel the balance in your life; know that everything has to be as it is; played out like a musical tune with a beginning, middle and ending.