Living well

Making changes

I find that springtime is the best time to make changes. It is so very natural for you to make changes as you see nature doing the same. Nature unfolds from the dreary colors of winter into the beauty of yellows, bright greens and soft blues. The sky even seems to brighten up as spring approaches with clear days and sunshine.

The earth’s natural changes in the spring may motivate you to wake up and with clarity in your soul, moving you toward brighter days where you can go outdoors more;  breathing in the colors of life.

Winters seem to last forever and when the time changes and there is more light, wake up  early and smell the freshness of the day.

Making changes can be a struggle so you may want to begin slow with simple changes that help you to see clearly where you want to go.

Remember that you can only change yourself. You cannot change others; they need to work on themselves if they feel the need.

In the spring you may notice the slight changes; the ice begins to melt and water runs again

In the spring you may notice the slight changes; the ice begins to melt and water runs again

Everyone wants to live well in body, mind and soul. But what are you doing about it? How can you keep yourself young, strong and flexible.

The first thing I believe in is flexibility because you need to be willing to change yourself before anything else will fall into place. Working on yourself may be difficult but not impossible.

What are some challenging things that you can do right now that may help you down your path toward wellness?

There are so many ways to change, you better start writing them down to keep track. I have been trying to eliminate some things from my life that are getting in the way of my growth and development.

No matter how old you are, you need to keep growing; learning new things can help you. As you age, you may have to write some things down as not to forget those needed changes that you are working on. Do not make the goals too global, have your list filled with things that can be accomplished with in a short time period such as a month.

My only goal this week is to go outdoors more often; seeking calmness and harmony while nature makes its Springtime changes. I will gather my soul; speaking softly to myself in silence as I walk longer and faster than I usually do to tone up my mind, body and soul.

I am blessed and  thankful to be here in the beauty of nature one more day.