One Thought

One thought can change everything
This is reason to believe that you can change yourself for the better starting with one positive thought, smile, or gesture to yourself or another.

Circle yourself back to a positive way

Circle yourself back to a positive way






“Life is simple,” my Nana said often with a smile on her face. She seemed to hold a secret inside that I wanted to know about. Sometimes she would give me something to ponder on so that I would not ask her more.

She would say, “Think about the word love.” And  as a child would go off and think about what love meant to me. I would always come up with the hug, warm embrace, caring thoughts for another person, and then I would go back to her with my answers. She would say, “Yes those are good thoughts but love is more; a simple thing where you are unconditional in your love.

Those words you say in a loving marriage ceremony are so true but no one remembers them until things are not so good in a relationship, and even then, they may leave for greener pastures just because they did not get their way.”

“Go now my dear and when you get married remember what I have told you, remember  for better or worse of things will guide you, and only  then you will know what I mean.” Today, I know what Nana means because I have experienced the better and worse of life’s adventures and today I continue in a simple way making things better with simple gestures and loving ways.

The give and take of life

It is simple. Life with another person is a give and take. And when you become the giver; accepting the way things are in your life, even in the bad times, you will know what true love really is.

And there is reason to believe that the more you give, the more you will receive; a true blessing in all relationships, even the one you have with yourself. Giving to yourself comes in many forms; gifting with positive thoughts, remembering to give your body some exercise and your mind some inspiring literature to read!

So change your thoughts right now to some better ones and try to speak only on the topic of good times today; ignoring mindfully those bad thoughts that come into your mind, and getting back to peaceful, loving moments in the present.

Acceptance and agreement

Nana used to also say that even if you do not agree with your partner; agree anyway to pass along good will, words and deeds. There will be times in life when you are right but does being right really matter?

Rightness is always judgmental and may isolate you from others who you want to be closer to. Be eager to be happy not right. Be positive, accepting and you will find life easy and simple.