Waves of emotions in opposite ways

Life is like a wave coming to shore and then returning to the deepness of the sea. It can stir things up in your life, or slow things down when you sit on the sand just gazing at waves.

When the lake is calm it is like a miracle before you; the softness and stillness engulf your being telling you that things can be just the exact opposite of what they are right now.

At any given moment the waves kick up causing you to move from the closeness of the shoreline where you had your feet digging softly into the sand.

Feeling the warmth and softness of the sand is no longer a choice as you run to sit on a rock. Happy, sad, fearful and fearless your mind wonders inspiring you to move through these emotions just as the waves push softly and roughly.

A lake can have both calm and rough moments as we do

A lake can have both calm and rough moments as we do








When you feel sadness, change your thoughts to joy and smile for a moment; allowing yourself to go back and forth like a wave between the two.

And when you are happy, for a moment feel angry; crossing back and forth in your mind; allowing you to feel different emotions in a short time.

Riding the waves of emotions

Waves of emotions can guide you toward wellness where you have choice about where you want to be at any given moment. You have control over many things that you may feel right now are not in your control.

You have to start with yourself; feeling guided by your inner being telling you to be calm. And when you turn that calmness into an opposite emotion such anxiousness you can turn it right back to the calmness with a deep breath and a smile.

Wave back and forth between hopefulness and despair for a moment right now. You can ride this wave, coming back to the hopeful moment; staying there or going back in a playful way.

Become more than hurt, feel rejected and insignificant for a moment and then move toward confidence, fulfilled and respected.

Come back to an energetic healing way that rides back and froth for a moment to a depressed and empty way.

Ride your wave in your mind each day; staying with one positive thought that you get to stay in for the rest of the day.


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