Keeping yourself safe involves more than physical safety. I continue on my keeping path by being aware of what my body can and cannot do; staying safe from over-doing things that may put me on the mend.

When my balance is off I look for ways to bring back the harmony. Yoga poses help.

When my balance is off I look for ways to bring back the harmony. Yoga poses help.

What do you do for your keeping path?

Do you exercise, stretch and flex each day?


When you are safe inside your many selves you feel good and content.

My mental self is aware of the way I need to nourish myself. Striving to read thought provoking literature helps me keep my mind fresh and safe from harm’s way. Use it or lose it applies to all of your selves.

What have you done mentally today that improves or keeps your brain safe from harm?

Soulful harmony has many paths

The most important ingredient in my many selves is my soul. I have many soulful ways of helping and keeping my inner being safe. I write each day on soulful ways, I pass along positive energy to everyone I meet. I stay as positive as I can; allowing the positive and healing ways to touch others.

To enrich your soul, breath deeper, listening to soft music and meditate. All of these activities bring about wellness in mind, body and soul.


Keep yourself nourished in all avenues of life. Learn about the power of colorful ways which can make you feel well.

Keep strong and teach others how important it is to work on daily activities that move you toward harmony and balance.

And when you know that your balance is off a bit, find ways to bring it back to this moment in time when you searched for the many ways to keep yourself strong, centered and in harmony with your many selves.