Time Awaits you

Doing some new things

Looking, exploring and thinking about things can help you get ready to do, but you need to move along and do things in order to move  in a timely way. It may even take some discipline where you force yourself to do some things that you have been meaning to do but keep on putting off, or maybe things you do not want to do that you should be doing.

And once you start some meaningful, passionate living, you will never go back because the momentum of living with a smile on your face allows you a pleasant moment each day.

Become more disciplined and focus on meaningful exploration

Become more disciplined and focus on meaningful exploration

You may believe right now that you have all the time in the world to do the things you have in mind, but do you really have that much time?

Probably not.

Be the person who does the things they talk about, moving through life with grace and harmony. One moment after another, filled with things you only dreamed about in the past.

Today is your day.


Time is on your side in this moment; it is beside you in your mind, body and spirit

I remember as a young mother sitting on the steps of my home watching my children explore the world in our yard.

As I sat I smiled and thought about nothing but that particular moment, never thinking that I would be here right now in this moment, missing the past, and how important it was for me and my children. And when my daughter came up to me to give me a handful of wonderful yellow wild flowers I leaned over to smell the pleasant sweetest as she said smilingly, “These flowers are for you mommy, hoping you love them.”

I remember that day so well as we walked into the house to get a vase and placed them in the center of the table, and a pleasant sweet smell filled the air for the rest of the day.

It seemed simple back then but it was not; if anything it was busier, more eventful and kept me asleep through the night from the exhaustion of taking care of children.

Now it seems that the nights are longer because sleep does not always come my way. But when I keep busy as I used to, finding ways to explore, be spontaneous once in a while and help others find their way too; then I am not allowing time to pass me by because it is filled with joyful moments.

Time to live, time to explore, time to love.