Bliss in mounds of snow

Run into the bliss of things where you are happy, dancing and prancing like a deer excited about spring and enjoying the forest.

How do you feel?

Do you feel like making snow angels today?

Or have you had quite enough of the winter blissfulness?

What to do when all you can see is icy snow?

What to do when all you can see is icy snow?

It may be difficult to be blissful when there are mounds of ice-snow gathering about your life. The mounds of snow just keep piling up like large sand castles except you cannot knock them  down with your bare feet, and you do not feel anything except bone chilling breezes.

Even when you walk along the road, you can feel the frigidness coming from the hills of snow with its harsh ways that leave your fingers frozen for many moments as you return to your warm home.

And the snow seems to be everlasting because of the deep coldness of wintertime that has taken a strong grasp onto you arm, dragging you along for the frosty ride with stiff breezes and wind chills dipping below zero.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Be aware that those snow mounds cannot last forever and when they finally clear and the weather is warm and kind to you, feel blessed by the presence of sunshine and rainy days of spring with the frigidness gone by.


I feel blessed right now, even in the midst of snow mounds along with ice and drifting snow that sprays up at me when I take a walk through the  everlasting tunnels of snow that no longer looks white and now has a dirty, black and brown coating.

But I know this too will pass and I will again be able to breathe in the spring freshness; seeing the first yellow flower. And I already have heard the first signs of spring as I listen to the tiny brown birds holding on to a crunchy branch with icicles still hanging. They too know it is springtime and their song is sweet and caring.

I do not remember ever having so much snow but I am blissful when I have visions of green, soft grass instead of mountains of ice.