You were there

You were there when I needed  hope

I always feel your presence and find myself counting how long it has been since you passed.

And I still feel strongly connected to your spirit; hoping that you come back to me the way you used to be; strong and centered. But until then I will accept the way you are right now, in my heart center and all around me in nature.

You are my path on a snowy day as I think of the times we had so dear

You are my path on a snowy day as I think of the times we had so dear

You may or may not be reading what I write, and it does not matter because I feel better when I write about you.
Change is good and bad. Some changes like the passing of people you care deeply for is difficult but you have to accept the way life unfolds.

And the years seem to move too fast, or too slow.

When aging sets in there is a sort of internal pressure that tells you to do the things you need to do before you too become spirit. And I hear that it is a good thing; looking down on nature, touching souls who need you, and feeling free like the birds gathering in the trees.



I know so very many spirits now who whisper often of hope, love and kindness through the trees, snowy days,  and the singing of birds in the sky as they softly perch on a tree with some slight purple blooms.

Spring enters

When I heard a bird calling me yesterday as I walked my daily path, I knew was you telling me that spring is about to enter; carrying away the mounds of snowy and frozen ways; brining in the soft smell of rain and sunny days. You always loved the first flowers, and would pick the bell-like, soft white treasures to bring in so that we could all smell the sweetness of a spring day.

Strong and Centered Holly

A person who is now spirit gave me a wonderful Holly plant before she passed telling me, “I do not have a green thumb, and you talk to me often about planting and growing. I would love for you to have this plant.” Every time I look at that Holly plant which has grown tall, wide and shiny with red berries on it every year, I think of my friend. I am so glad that I have a wonderful memory of someone so dear to my heart. And the plant is now a bush with strong stocky branches, spreading throughout my garden with its glimmering red berries. Even in the wintertime, Holly stays strong. And the strength of Holly is very fitting to my friend who is now spirit. She was the strongest person I have even known in life so I am very sure that she is a strong spirit now; helping others, spreading hope and love.