Empty Nesters

There is always talk of the empty nest syndrome but you really do not know what it is all about until you experience it for yourself.

Old things in an antique shop gathering dust. Are you gathering dust or moving on to better things in life?

Old things in an antique shop gathering dust. Are you gathering dust or moving on to better things in life?

It has been quite some time since my children were young, and now I have grandkids but those moments in my life are gone, with only a glimpse in my mind’s eye to keep me in that long ago moment. You can bring yourself back there with glimpses of color, meaningful scenes, giggles and laughter but it is not the same. It is a good thing that you have the ability to glimpse back but moving forward is good too.


When you were in the moment, you thought it will last forever but it does not.

And by the time you figure that out, time has passed you by. But do not fret about what is done; there are wondrous memories to savor along with good things in your present moment.
As you move through life gathering new moments to share, do not be a stranger to the ones who are still near. Many people seem to fall victim to living with strangers after the children are gone; using the empty nest as a excuse to move away from those still here in the moment who may need you for comfort in transitional times.  Is your relationship with your partner the same since the children have left the nest? Maybe it is time for some work on your relationships, you may find out that the later years are the best ones! I know some couples who are travelers now and talk about all the places they have been since their children grew up.

How can you get back to earlier times in your relationship?

It will take time. Just as when you were young and too busy with the kids, or your job, or both, you may have been too busy to spend time on the person you care about the most; your mate.

If you are getting older, this may be your chance to re-kindle the love you once had.

And remember that it will take time, just as it did to get you to become strangers in your own home.

It was so subtle that you did not even notice time was passing you by with the business of living, raising children and climbing the ladder of the workforce.

So do the things that you want to do with your significant other. You have time now to be spontaneous and free. Do not waste anymore time thinking that things cannot become better in life.

A positive attitude about yourself and your relationships can make such a difference in you life. Even if things do not work out as planned be there for the people you love the most with a smile on your face.

Visualize that perfect scene where you are at peace, in love, and breathing in the beauty of a sandy beach.

Working on yourself

Remember that you can only change yourself. You cannot change others. Be the person that you want to see in others. Be there for them with kind words, warm embracing hugs and tell them that you care.