In The Center

If I knew what I know now, things would have turned out different

Finally seeing some little berries on a tree contrasting the red berries with the cold snow banks

Finally seeing some little berries on a tree contrasting the red berries with the cold snow banks

Famous last words of many people with their eyes on hindsight. But looking back does help you because you can see the lessons that you learned and how you may be repeating things over and over in your life because you have not learned your lesson well enough.

Stop and think about what it is that you want to work on, or what is it that keeps coming up in your life that you feel no control over. One thought that keeps coming back to me; failures in love and relationships that end.

But are they really failures or lessons that you have not learned yet?
This time maybe you should stick around a little longer in a partnership to see it grow and change. Begin to accept some of your own changes too. In any relationship, there are always at least 2 perspectives on who is changing and what is happening.


Someone once said, “People change and forget to tell each other.”  And those changes, whether they are good or bad are not where the problem may be. The question is whether you leave or stay and accept the new flaws your spouse may have developed.

As age creeps in, things change in your perspective. You quests in life may not be job goals or career challenges, you may want to live life well, in good health and wellness.

Your goal becomes staying in the center of things where there is not too much drama in your life, but just enough to challenge you. You may become Goldie Locks, testing things and having some challenges, but your goal is to stay comfortable, in tuned with your partner and in the center.

The next time you come upon a problem, before you get angry or upset, you may want to look at the difficulty from a different perspective; one where you decide whether this new problem is worth being struggling with because staying in the center of life is a good goal.