What do you need to know?

There are reasons for everything that happens in life, and many things that pass us by  are not our idea; they just are.
When you begin to figure out that there are things that you can change (like yourself) and other things that you cannot change (like people you love), only then will you finally get it.

Large icicles form patterns that  give us visions of cold and frigid stillness

Large icicles form patterns that give us visions of cold and frigid stillness

Had a moment today where I met someone while out on my daily walk.

It has been difficult to walk lately because of the frigid temperatures but I have a friend that I usually find along my path, and we talk about life as we walk literally in circles around the neighborhood. We do not like snow plows so we often stay planted on the side roads where there is not much traffic.

Before I met my cold weather friend, I walked to the park which has beautiful scenes even in the wintertime so I took my camera to capture the stillness of winter.

Saw only one other person on my trip and she wore a black hat, purple coat and looked like a gentle soul.

She decided to stop her car before she left the park to talk to me.

She asked in a soft voice,   “Are you a photographer because there are such beautiful scenes to see here?”

I said, ” No I am not but I love to take pictures  so that others can take a look at our changeable weather in New York and maybe  decide that differences are good.” She said, “God bless you for bringing beauty to everyone through your pictures.”

I  gave her a blessing back as we waved to each other, realizing that we would not meet again but knowing that there was some reason for our passing but right now I could not figure it out.

I thought about what she said for a few minutes as I walked toward the circular back roads to meet my friend, and I told her about the meeting of the woman and my photos.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to bring visions for all to see as they pass through life. Every place in the world has its differences, and in the cold, frigid temperatures of winter, I stay warm knowing that I can bring something special to others.