Have you gotten so far away from what a true gift is that you are never sure what to give anyone?

And when holidays come along, you struggle with the perfect list that may or may not be what you would really like to give those special people in your life.

The jingle of old toys sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to play with them

The jingle of old toys sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to play with them

I have found that many people compete with the latest styles and most expensive things such as purses to walk down the street with to show off your style?
I don’t  want a Brand Named purse or shoes; all I need are special people around me who bring me a smile as a gift.

My granddaughter  gives me the gift of a hug. She is always smiling so that gift is present every single time I see her. And I miss being a child myself every time I see her with her smile and a skip in her step.

” I love pink clothes that have sparkles on them Grandma Dora,” she says as she twirls around in front of me pretending to be a Ballerina. Pretend time is so much fun because you get to be whoever it is that you want to be. Adults should probably pretend more often; thinking of things that may be missing from life that they should be working on in their visions.

I love to visualize warm scenes in the wintertime with dark blue sparkling water splashing on my toes as I sit on a row boat paddling down the river.

And this pretending water scene can keep me  warm on a cold winter day with the frigid crunching under my boots as I walk along my path.

When the sun comes out in the winter, it feels warmer even when it is not because your internal pretending soul tells you it is so.

What do you visualize in your mind’s eye today that keeps you centered, balanced and hopeful?

The next time you give a gift to someone, make sure it is a special one, the kind of gift that no one else can give to them.