Amazing stories

Be amazed by life


Be amazed by every experience in life

Be amazed by every experience in life

The ups and downs of living are so unpredictable that it keeps you on your toes most of your life. It is like a pendulum swinging in a stiff breeze; sometimes swinging so very high that you think it will come crashing down but it does not. Pendulums keep their balance unless disturbed or stopped. Do not stop your balance in life. Strive to be happy with your pendulum swinging softly and silently as you travel down the road with your partner.

Age Well
Boredom is a thing of the past as you age because you want to do all the things you think you missed in life, and then all of a sudden you stop and say, ” I don’t need any of this. Why am I doing this?” ” All I need is to have loving people around me.”
That is when you begin to understand that the only thing there is in life is loving others because that is true happiness which brings joy to your life.
And the sooner you find out about the  amazing reality of Love; the quicker you are right where you are supposed to be.

My amazing story is the one with my husband. We retire, begin loving each other even more because now we have more time to just be together. Maybe it will be traveling to the cities we have never been, or maybe our story will be how we re-connected in loving ways and stayed just where we are right now.

Amazing stories are whatever you can bring to your vision as you age. It does not matter if you travel to Hawaii or the corner store; your love story should be one that you can pass to the grandkids; telling them how you have stayed together in good times and in bad;  in richer and in poorer times,  and in sickness and healthy times.

Those important times in life are the daily memories that are full of amazing stories of life and living it well with you partner.

Visualize your loving life; capturing those moments that are amazing, and pass them along in healing energy to others.