Working on Joy

I want to feel joy again

Remember when you moved from your 3 wheeler to a 2 wheeler bike? It was difficult but you learned your lessons joyfully

Remember when you moved from your 3 wheeler to a 2 wheeler bike? It was difficult but you learned your lessons joyfully

Dou know that spot in your heart that sends an electrifying zap to you as you smile and feel warm inside and out?

All the way down to your soul; centered in your heart center, that is where joy is. Joy is better than happiness; bringing with it a sense of getting through things that are difficult. Joy engulfs your entire being, sending shivers down your spine, warmth throughout your body and a glow to your smile.





When you eventually accept that there will always be some pain and suffering in life, only then will you  find joy

It may seem counterproductive right now with  painful moments that seem to last forever, but you have to feel things deeply in order to feel joy; just as deeply as you feel painful times. There is always balance in life to wait for; finding the pendulum swinging to the left and to the right with joyful moments in the center when the swinging settles.

People notice when you are full of joy, and may comment on the new you. You are more confident in your presence with a joyous gait to your purposeful walk. I remember a nursing teacher from years ago telling me how to be a confident nurse (or at least act the part).

She said, ” You have to have a purposeful straight gait, a smile on your face, and a kind word to tell each patient you meet.”

Acting as if

It is so important to act as if. With everything in life that you want to learn, the beginnings are pretentious and that is the way you will  learn lessons well. You have to fake it to make it with what you have a passion for in life.

It may seem like joyful moments are far away right now but if you are patient with yourself and others in your life, joy will enter with its bells and soft music; singing a song of love.

What gets you to a place that is joyful?
Wishful thinking does not help because you are back to wherever you were in a few moments. What truly helps is to have something to do that creates a happy feeling of wellness and eventually joy is brought back into your heart.

I work on joy every day. It has been a long journey and even though I am not there yet, I plant my seeds of joyful energy within myself and I bring it to others; sending vibrations of healing energy for everyone.

Doing what you really do not want to do in life

In everything that you do in life, there has to be some discomfort. Remember those times when you fell off your bike learning how to ride. You got scraped and bruised, you might have cried a bit, but you got back up there and learned how.  You learn through practice time; lessons that help you eventually find your joy.

Some struggling moments  may not be remember because there was so much joy at the end such as raising children. There are definitely difficult moments during parenthood; time consuming events with bandaged knees and bleeding noses, but you were there, deep in the muck of it all; doing it with joy in your heart and a smile on your face, even when it was difficult to smile.

Working on Joy

Working on joy can be forcing a smile when you really do not want to, or lending a hand to someone when you don’t have the time.

It is those times that eventually bring you joy because you had to struggle. Doing those things in life that seem like a pain, and right now you may feel that you are in too much pain physically, emotionally, or spiritually to be of any good to others, but you are.