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By the creek lies some beautiful snow scenes

By the creek lies some beautiful snow scenes

Just when you think that you had enough bad stuff, a thought comes in your mind that is filled with good moments.

When I want a good moment to enter my soul, I always think of my children. Their growing up years are fun to think back to as they run across the grass on a sunny, summer day playing princess. The girls played princess and the boys loved playing on the beach which got them into many problems. I remember one sunny afternoon when the boys were on a raft behind our home. The lake was beautiful, a calm, still blue lake day. But then the waves kicked up and the boys soared out further, and they could not get back.

Both my boys are strong willed and physically strong, and as they paddled against the waves, I could see them getting closer to shore. My momentary fear turned to smiles as they waved and came in from their trip.

And when I think that I am having a bad day, I think of my boys on the raft.

Life can be like a calm wave that kicks up its nasty ways for a moment in time, but it returns us to a better spot when things calm down. And sometimes we have to take some bad moments in order to get some good ones.

Be a part of this wonderful universe by allowing yourself to just breathe and love life’s daily events.

Allow things to unfold as they should be; do not try too hard to change anything today, and begin to believe in the goodness of what is there for you.

And know that sometimes it will not be good; be alright with that too.

And know that sometimes it will be good; savoring the moments to remember when you need an extra zap of wellness.

Practice every day to get into that spot of healing mind, body and spirit.

There are many ways to tap into this mode of operation; becoming as positive as your attitude allows.

You are the keeper of wondrous healing abilities for yourself and those around you.

Be that person you always wanted to be; an attitude of gratitude is the way your life should unfold.