Secure with you

You may want someone to be with you in your journey through life; giving you that security you think you need on a cold winter’s night or at the end of the work week when you would like to have someone with you.


Even with the cold and frosty ways of winter, trees stand strong and centered as we should

Even with the cold and frosty ways of winter, trees stand strong and centered as we should

You need to work at security within yourself before you can find it in others.

And your  new found confidence gives you the feeling that you need no one but yourself and then it is not security that you look for, it is love.

Love can be a different experience for many people; the love of a spouse, the love of your children and love for your friends are all different.

The specialness of romantic love does not bring on security in yourself; it brings about special gifts to give each other that closes the gap; you become one.

And  together you share gifts of a warm embrace in the morning or a kiss on the cheek before you go to work.


Struggling alone


It is a nice idea to have a partner but we still struggle alone in life.

Struggling through those changes that happen to you as you age. Or maybe not being the same person as you used to be with your partner.

In retirement

Having a life-mate is special, especially if you are able to grow together instead of growing apart.  Growing together takes a lot of work, you may have to help each other find your way.

And  having  this special someone for an added opinion can be helpful during your many changes and transitions in life.

I remember when I retired a few years ago I thought about what it was going to be like not working every day. I asked my spouse how he was going to manage retirement and he said, ” When I get there, I will let you know.” And that answer was a good one because you really do not know until you are there. And my retirement has been a good; filled with passions, volunteering and a slower pace.

In youth

When I was younger I used to look for the answers by spending time with my mom. She never seemed to be shattered by anything; standing strong in bad situations and standing strong through the good. I still wish that I was more patient like she was; holding on strong to my inner soul, guided by my intuition and inner whispers that tell me which way to go.