Just in time

Keep on no matter what

You may not see it right now, but there are things out there that you have not experienced yet.

You go through life with a sort of tunnel view, not knowing what is going on in your blind spots; those places that you forget to look for or those places that you keep from yourself.

Sometimes you just see in between; that telescope picture as if you have blinders on

Sometimes you just see in between; that telescope picture as if you have blinders on


Keep your focus on what you need and keep your attitude pure and perspective positive.









Embrace the flaws of others and embrace your own too because everyone has flaws.
Forgive others who have done you wrong and forgive yourself for your own struggles through life that have not met up to your own expectations.
Expect things to go wrong sometimes; expecting that you will have at least as many rights as wrongs in your life.
Never give up, especially on yourself and the things that you want to accomplish that are meaningful and fulfilling to you.
Allow people into your life who have at least as many flaws as you do; you do not want perfection, you want real people around you who are honest, kind and loving.
Keep on this positive road, not falling into pits of all black or all white.

On this positive road  you will find balance where  you are right in the middle of things that feel exactly right.
And there will always be imbalances in your life where you feel like you are going to tip; falling down to the ground with a thump, or perhaps being saved by someone who noticed your  falling ways and caught you just in time.

In between the clouds  see visions of sunlight. There may be some snowy days where you cannot see the sun but it does not mean that it is not there.

And just like the sun, things that you  think should be on the outside of someone are tucked neatly into their soul. And the sunlight in your special person does come out on occasion but you have to be there often to see light in darkness.