In my younger years I did things without even thinking; going about my normal day working, playing and resting.

It seemed like this hectic part of my life  would never end with a constant relentless pattern that went on forever. Things had to be done a certain way; day after day the constant rut was unending but predictable. And sometimes predictability can keep you so very focused that you do not realize that you may need to change something, or someone else has made changes and forgot to tell you about them.

Life is not a perfect path. You have gravel, stones, imperfect cracks in the road and uneven and imbalances that you have to stabilize

Life is not a perfect path. You have gravel, stones, imperfect cracks in the road and uneven and imbalanced roads that you have to stabilize


And today just when I believe that I am going to have an easier time in life, it becomes relentless again.
I have to learn new good habits and get rid of things; sometimes physical things and sometimes my attitude about life and the way I am traveling.





Relentlessness can be good
Being relentless has its good part; the place where you know if you practice something and are disciplined, you begin to do it without even thinking about it, like saying, “I love you.” to your spouse or making the coffee in the morning, you do it every morning no matter what. Nothing seems to stop you from doing some of those good things for others.
And some relentless tasks are good.

Bad habits can become better ones
But what about the bad habits you may have?
Can you break out of those negative moments that you seem to have more frequently  now?
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Well, I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to; including repairing your mind so that only one negative moment passes through each day instead of many; with a goal of elimination of the negativity.
This grand goal may be too much right now with those old records playing in your head, but you can do it, one baby step at a time.

If those old problems, patterns or bad habits are giving you a lot of trouble, it is time to change because they are getting in the way of a new found you.

Begin to put those not so healing ways  aside for now and work on today.

Getting today to become a problem-free day is a worthy cause.

With caring, loving and guiding people around you, life can get better and you may become free of those bad habits that are bothering you; replacing them with positive and optimistic ways.