Feeling everything

Feeling everything means feeling the good and the bad which is where you should be

I love old things, they bring up times in childhood that seem like yesterday. My old desk and chair, my old bedroom filled with colorful treasures

I love old things, they bring up times in childhood that seem like yesterday. My old desk and chair, my old bedroom filled with colorful treasures





















Having an extra sensitive emotional state that is stronger than others may seem to hold you deeply into tears or even laughter too long but you learn how to feel better by practicing some good habits such as expressing your thoughts through writing or talking about feelings with someone close to you.

Creative messages

Expressive ways also enters your creative side with painting and drawing pictures to signify some of your emotional states. Bright colors such as yellows and oranges are my favorite because they lift my mood to a more pleasant one.  Mood enhancing blues allow you to settle down and bring a sense of calmness and bliss.

And good feelings and moods are where you want to be most of the time, or at least in the center where you are calm, relaxed and at peace.

 Rough feelings with edges

Think of those rough feelings as having a sharpness to them that has to be sanded down. Look at the way a rough rock is molded into something beautiful by the rushing of the waves and sand over and over again, bringing those rough edges to a smooth and shiny stone; so shiny and smooth that when you pick it up you can rub it and instantly feel the calmness from the smoothness.  Some people call these worry stones, you hold onto them in a stressful moment, rubbing and flipping!

Hurt feeling

When I think about feeling hurt or upset I think about the Princess and the Pea. This story tells of a princess who feels everything in life no matter how small. Her servants  pile up one mattress after another to give the princess some needed comfort but she still feels the pea underneath the first mattress.
Sometimes you may feel like the princess; stuck in an uncomfortable moment and unable to get  back to some loving and harmonious moments. Do not be sad about those moments, they just are, and when you move to the next feeling it becomes something worth waiting for. Being patient with yourself, accepting the way things are in life, and walking through life’s precious moments one step at a time will bring good and not so good times. When you begin to accept and even cherish both the good and the bad, the uncomfortable moments will still be there but tolerable.

My Place is barefoot

My special vision is one of being barefoot; feeling everything under my feet~

A place where I am walking on gravel barefoot; feeling each stone press against my feet as I walk silently and carefully, trying to be light.
And then I think about how comfortable walking in grass is and I imagine grass under my toes instead of gravel.
These visions of feeling everything under my toes keeps me centered for the day.

What can you visualize to keep you where you want to be in this moment?