Mom’s Vision


Visions of love

My mom did not speak much on goals but she had a vision for her family that everyone knew.

Every single time I take a walk, mom is still at my side walking along telling me to be patient

Every single time I take a walk, mom is still at my side walking along telling me to be patient

She wanted us to be near; focused on each other as family members, sisters, brothers; lovers who knew that we needed each other’s presence often.
Keeping the family together was her goal in life. We all knew it as she invited us over each Sunday. We tried to keep up the tradition as long as we could,  but with other responsibilities such as jobs, careers and just living life kept getting in the way.

The traditions continue with holiday meals and special events but they are not every Sunday. But physical presence is not the only way to be with the people you love. You can send off some loving and healing vibrations to others every time you think of them as I do with my mom.

As mom aged she was not able to walk the physical path with me as she once did. In her youth, she loved to walk and showed me that walking can be a special way to get rid of some negative feelings about your day. The walk, especially silent ones are a way to meditate and concentrate on slowing yourself down to a pace that is pleasant and harmonious.

I try my best to get a walk in every day, and it brings back those times I walked with mom. Mom walked every day to the store and she would take one of her children along. I loved walking with mom.

Mom had a metal shopping cart of her own that she took to the store; filling it up with groceries. She would tell me that she knew that she needed to watch how much she bought because she had to pull that cart on the way back, ” I know exactly what to buy and what not to buy,” she would say with a gleaming smile.

The funny part of this story is that today I ride my bike with saddle bags on the side of the wheels and I know exactly how many groceries I can carry back, and I also know what to buy and what not to buy.

Thank you mom.