Missing pieces

Why do we believe there are missing pieces in our lives?

As you age, you may begin to feel like you have not completed something or need some new challenges.

Can you make a list of the things you have  missed, or are you just in that part of life where changes may be necessary in order for you to find happy moments?

My changes have been significant in the past few months. I am getting rid of some things that are getting in my way; unnecessary things that I hung on to for too long.  And it is a good feeling having an openness in my home which gives me a calm, centered feeling of bliss. What can you do to make things better for you?

I also added another job. Since retirement I tried some different jobs at different places that I would not have done when I was younger. Maybe when I was younger I wasn’t as confident as I am right now, or maybe I just need a spark of a challenge today.

Today I do not really care if I get fired or if someone thinks I am not doing the perfect job. That is probably why jobs are easier for me now. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my old job and be the person I am right now. The stress-less soul who is calm and centered most of the time; even when there is a struggle going on in my life.

Are you going through menopause? There are many studies on both men and women having a change of life. That juncture where you say, ” Where is my missing piece? Why am I here? and Where am I going?”

Are you a collector of old things that brings a smile to your face?

Are you a collector of old things that brings a smile to your face?

Many people come to this juncture where they believe it is time to do something different. Maybe a different job, career or relationship will find your missing puzzle piece.

But I would not be  so sure of finding excitement or spark because everything is right in your back yard but you may not see it right now.  With relationships you may think yours is stale right now, but what are you doing to make it better?

When was the last time you brought a gift home to your significant other? Those little things mean a lot to people; bringing back some memories of the past that may put a spark into the relationship you have right now.


Do you remember the sayings Hindsight is always 20/20 and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Both of these may have some significance in your life right now.

Do not risk what you have right now for a momentary spark. In relationships, that spark grows dim after a few years, and then you have to rebuild. And that is a fact. No one stays in romantic love for very long, you have to work at making love work for you and your spouse.

And some  people run away from love at the drop of a hat, never looking back until it is too late to come back!

It would be nice if we could look ahead and see what is going to happen to us in the future, but that is not possible. All you have is right now, with the people who are currently surrounding your life. Make time to be with them and make some changes in yourself that will help you to be a better person who appreciates what you have in life.