A Wish for Happiness as Time passes


Happy me

My greatest goal in life is to find ways to be happy with myself first and then that happiness will begin to spill like a  blue sparkling waterfall splashing down on everyone with its positive energy and harmony. And I will feel blessed with this internal bliss that comes from my heart; spreading its wings to others in my path.

And when you smell lavender you calm yourself in the bliss of a happy day

And when you smell lavender you calm yourself in the bliss of a happy day

We do have free will and if we choose to be happy and do actions that make that happiness come out and shout to others, they too will begin the process of sprinkling goodness everywhere because they will feel you and your presence will bring them a pleasant feeling of love, harmony and balance.

Each step you take will become a moment with a smile. Each word you speak will sound like a bird singing its spring song as winter settles down to a slow simmer and spring rushes in with its soft, rainy ways. You can watch nature as it sweeps away the cold, bringing on warmth and sweet smelling flowers of spring.



Making what you think about happiness into your reality

Wishing and hoping become real as you start this happiness trail beginning with you; moving toward others and spreading the joy.

And you promise not to stop sending those positive vibrations to others; never slowing down for even a moment with your kind ways that become healing and loving moments to others that you touch.

Whistle  a happiness song of love and kindness

My dad always whistled when he was happy; sending those positive vibrations of the high pitched song of love.

Tell, sing, whistle and shout to  others of where happiness begins because maybe they do not know that it is deep inside of everyone’s soul. That place where you can feel the internal warmth of your heart center and as you take a wonderful deep breath that lifts your shoulder high, you hold you breath for a moment and then let it out with an awe sound, telling the world that happiness starts with you.