Funny how the simple things like shoveling show see complicated because they take up so much of your time

Funny how the simple things like shoveling snow seem complicated because they take up time

















Things really are simple but we find ways all of the time to make them complicated

Meaningful pleasures like a sunset take too much time to watch, and meaningless things like a television show grab your attention. As you age you will find that TV is not so important and those sunsets are because there is beauty and comfort in watching them with someone you love. The quiet and stillness of the glowing sun, rising and setting each day captures your attention and helps to comfort you as you move through your day with a peaceful grin.
If only I could convince myself to live simply I would be much happier and calmer

For the past few weeks I have been ridding my home of things that seem to be getting in my way.

I started this purging  process about a year ago with a tapestry rocking chair that I should have gotten rid of long ago.

I looked at that chair every time I walked past my front door, so I decided it should go down the basement where I would not see it as often.

That chair reminded me of things in my past that did not turn out well.

And I was hoping a piece of me that I wanted to let go of  was going with the chair as I packed it into my car and drove it over to my daughter’s home.

It was helpful and I thanked my daughter for wanting the chair.

That tiny piece of my heart that I hung onto with that special chair  was a birthday gift  but  now resides in my mind’s eye instead of my watchful eye and its physical presence is with my daughter who truly appreciates the gift.

It was a beautiful antique with black spindles for arms and legs; a bit weak, but my daughter says no one but the cats sit in the chair. I am glad that it will last as a memory for her of life in our old home on the lake. Now I close my eyes and picture what it was like living in the lake home instead of having the items with me. And my memories brings me to some good times with my children and my dog.

I used to walk my dog along those roads; he loved his walks near the lake, fetching sticks.

It seems like a very long time ago now when Jesse dog  was alive and well. A puppy given to me on Mother’s Day. The girls loved and cared for him, I walked and ran him and my husband at the time was his Alpha partner, training with Jesse so that he could run close to me without pulling.
And those days will continue to be a good memory of time without complications that I simply cannot forget because they were good days filled with the warmth of a summer’s breeze as I scampered through the roads with Jesse and any other dog that would come along for the walk. There was another dog who would meet Jesse and me on our path. I was afraid at first, not recognizing that this dog I did not know just wanted to run along side of me and Jesse. This happened often on our path and it is fun to remember those beautiful days with the sun shining and Jesse at my side.