Musical Words of Love

Love notes

I found a card at the bottom of a box that I was sorting through on my quest toward right-sizing my home. I have been spending many hours getting things in order so that I rid myself of the unnecessary treasures in life that I no longer need.

These treasure have been getting in my way for many years and I know that they need to go but it is hard for me to let go of some of them. I love old things and old ways and have a passion for going to flea markets, swap meets and garage sales to see those old treasures that others kept too long.


old mood music

Old things


Doing some positive clearing out of my life has brought more clarity. I can see clearly  down the road now.

When you begin to get rid of things you no longer need there is a feeling of relief. You are lighter, happier and more content with the things that you have now.


There are many ways to make life better but the clarity that comes from deciding what to keep and what to get rid of brings  about a newness to you. When you clear out some things in life, you feel better and want to begin new challenges in life. You may  find that you now have more room in your home and it is filled with the perfect items that you chose to keep.



Treasuring your relationship and what to right-size

If you are in a relationship that has a bit of staleness to it, it may be time to right-size that too. What can you do to make things better with your spouse? Do actions speak louder than words when it comes to making the needed changes in life that will bring you closer?

Doing things for your relationship such as making the coffee or bed become those loving ways and can be healing to your soul. Taking caring of treasured people is more exciting than taking care of things that are getting in your way.

The Destiny Card

I was very excited to show my love the card today with the words of our destiny on it.

The card was only a little worn at the edges, not discolored or torn. This treasure needs saving for the days when things may not be as good as they are today.

I believe that when you find things like cards from long ago there is a reason. This opportune moment does not come often, and should be cherished and kept in a safe place in your heart.

Words are like music, soothing the soul, putting you in a better mood and lasting a lifetime. You remember the first song of your romantic love,  the first card, and if you are lucky enough to still be with someone you deeply care for, the first kiss.


You may get confused at times on the way you feel about your current love but you can put some romance back into a slow simmering love with just a few gestures of kindness, physical touch and hugging, and of course a card with meaningful words.