You have everything

It is time to realize that you do have everything within your reach

Many roads of life go up and down. And just when you feel you have settled down there is another curve or hill just ahead

Many roads of life go up and down. And just when you feel you have settled down there is another curve or hill just ahead

It may be right in front of you but you cling to some negative entities that tell you that you need more. Or you just feel battered by some life events that you cannot seem to put aside.

Becoming un-stuck

When you  finally put aside those bad thoughts and feelings about life that seem stuck in your mind, you will  feel better.



It may take time and patience with yourself to finally rid yourself of the negative, but it can be down through some mindful ways; dismissing those bad thoughts in a meditative way, and replacing them with some positive visions of love and peaceful times. Then you know you are more centered  because  now you have what you need; a quiet way to bring peace to your life.

It was always there inside of you

You find that what you have has been there all along; quietly sending you positive vibrations and healing ways inside of your soul. That place that tells you to  settle down, be silent and then you will feel and hear  the answers to your many questions about life and the way it flows. And life does flow on like a blue, crystal stream, being held up by some rocks or a log at times, but then it moves again, slowly seeping around the log or pushing it away.

Do not stay in stagnation, stuck on a rock; move yourself toward something more positive and happy.

Striving for the positive
Striving toward the next hill you begin to see the clarity before you as it  becomes crystal clear as a rainy day opens up to a rainbow and sunshine.
And rain, like tears clears the mind, body and soul; allowing you to settle down and be with a positive moment in time.

I do not believe that we can stay positive all of our lives, all of the time, but you can work on it. And this work may be as simple as stopping yourself from saying something that may be hurtful to another person or hurtful to you later on in your day as you remember saying those words when you could have been silent.


Bringing beautiful moments into your life each day is attainable; a goal worth exploring as you do your errands or talk to a friend over some coffee. And then you can re-create those moments in your mind when you need a tender moment or a warm smile to send you to your next beautiful moment.

And like yin and yang, you will travel down the road, hopefully in the middle of life; not too negative, and not too positive, just in the middle of life striving for peace and harmony.