Getting it right this time around


Are mistakes really mistakes or just lessons for us to learn?

Instead of mistakes, take a look at life like a lesson learned well.

The more you practice the better you get at those things that you are finding difficult.

And when you continue to struggle with things, you are also waking up your mind, body and spirit to help you find different ways to see the same things. These many sides of yourself gather together to build a strong you.

Your mistakes in life can become experiences that bring clarity to your spirit, strength to your body and calmness to your emotions.

Are you taking the path of least resistance or are you plunging ahead to a new horizon?

Are you taking the path of least resistance or are you plunging ahead to a new horizon?

Maybe the reason that you seem to keep repeating the same lessons is because you have not learned the lesson well enough so you have to play it again Sam. 

When it comes to relationships, you  may be divorced or separated now;  trying once again to make love a goal but it seems like you fall into the same pit of despair after just a few years.

You  cannot figure out why you keep on making the same mistakes. Maybe it is because you need to make changes; fixing yourself so that you are a better spouse.

Or maybe it is just the way things unfold in life and you do not have anything to do with that faulty relationship. Whatever you find out, those mistakes become experiences in life that help you next time or repeating until you get it right!


Emotional drama

As a child I felt like I  rode by my emotions, and I still feel the same way today, and it may be time to practice better control with that emotional drama of mine; finding ways to soothe myself without the tears and carrying on less dramatically.

Complaining about things and wishing things were better will not help your drama, but they may be things to look at in life. If you are complaining all the time about what is happening to you that is bad, this does not help you but staying more positively focused will help because you will not dwell on those things you cannot change.

What are your plans for the future?

Are you afraid of challenges?

Taking on new things that may have a positive or negative consequence is something many of us shy away from. And if you plunge ahead, that may be just what you are looking for, and do not even know it because staying in the same place and waiting for things to change on their own may not be a good plan.

When I am feeling like a challenge, I always remind myself of the Serenity Prayer. God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

This prayer puts me in focus for my next adventure in life, ready for a challenge, shoulders back, head straight ahead, and feeling like a tree with its roots planted into the earth; strong, balanced and flexible.