Remembering good times

Remember the good things in life and put aside the not so good

I remember a recent trip I took to Massachusetts that brings back a soft time with a friend having lunch in a tiny cafe

I remember a recent trip I took to Massachusetts that brings back a soft time with a friend having lunch in a tiny café’


Sounds like this process of memory may be easier said than done, but when you get your focus in the right place, you may become happier and more content about what you do have that is good, loving and in balance.
Those past days when you were younger may have been more of a struggle than where you are right now.

You moved on to a better place in life because you put forth some effort at making your life better and now you are proud.

Growing up and changing your focus on the important things in life

Recreating yourself has been your drive for a long time and it is working for you.

When you think back now, those good memories seem to surface more because you are content and full of loving energy that you send to others often. Your present reality is good and you may find that your spiritual side is growing and becoming dominant in your life; showing you the important things in life such as being happy; loving each moment as if it were your last.

Good memories surface

I remember my first Polaroid Camera like it was yesterday. Dad loved the latest things; we had the first colored TV, and cameras! Dad had an I spy camera that could fit in your pocket and he bought me a Polaroid that was white with some black gadgets and a black strap to hold on to it. I even remember that smell from the instant film and a coating that you put on the pictures after they dried to preserve them! It was a smell of alcohol mixed with witch hazel.

And the pictures were absolutely terrible but we loved them because now we did not have to get them developed; thinking it may be a new invention that would last forever, but it did not.

Today I still take pictures and love it. Polaroid Cameras did not take good scenic pictures like I love to take today. And today my photography is much improved and I am proud to say that I am good at picture taking; much better than my younger years.

This good memory stays with me as I move on in life to my older, sacred years where I have time to think of positive moments from childhood. As I concentrate on these good times, I begin to lose focus of those bad times in life; remembering that everyone has a story to tell, but the good stories that bring a smile to your face and a chuckle are the better ones to tell.