Stay with the moment

Pull toward the center

From a distance trees seem smooth and soft, but up close they have rough edges

From a distance trees seem smooth and soft, but up close they have rough edges

When things in life begin to get better and the darkness moves into light, be with the moment and remember that life is full of ups and downs. It is the yin and yang of living that pulls us back and forth as we hope to stay on the positive and bright side but are constantly pulled toward a darker moment in time.

Staying in the center which is neutral may be a good option for you today when you notice that things seem to be swinging without reason; clouding your view of life.




Riding the waves of constant change
Know that change is a way of life; constantly moving and bouncing about.
Be with the bounce of life; finding new ways to love each and every moment even if it is not what you feel that you need.

Rough times

Those rough edges are lessons for you to get through so that you are ready when another dark moment comes into your life. But you know that darkness is only for a moment until the moon appears shining upon you.

You also know that when the sun comes up in the morning, things are brighter and warmer; brining you a day full of happiness and light if you keep yourself well, centered and balanced.

Fill your mind, body and soul with peaceful moments so that you can save them for those times of need, or pass them along to others who may benefit.

Peace will come to you with energy and healing from your spirit if you stay connected to positive ways even when it is almost impossible to stay peaceful and still.


There will be gratitude from others when you are kind and they are not. You may not receive the gratitude right away but it is there, hidden under a blanket of  sorrow but you know your help is noticed.

Your kindness and love will be appreciated down the road of life as others realize that you are always there for them whether or not they are pleasant to be around.

And when  the sadness, grief and sorrow lifts, you will be there to see the first smile on their lips. And this gift will be all that you need to hold dear.