Passing by

Passing along a positive way

I passed by a young girl about 4 years old yesterday who look at me with her big  blue eyes, curly yellow hair and a smile.

She obviously loved the color purple because she had on a purple top and bottom, and carried a cartoon character sippy cup.

Then she spoke to me, ” Where is your cocoa. I have mine right here, see it? Where is yours?” I said with a grin, ” I just had mine before I left to come to this store, and thank you for letting me know you care about me and my cocoa.”


Spend some time today learning something new about yourself. Maybe it is time to learn how to paint beautiful pictures of your life

Spend some time today learning something new about yourself. Maybe it is time to learn how to paint beautiful pictures of your life

And with that said, her mom picked her up and put her back into the shopping cart, and I said to the mother, “So glad to meet you and your daughter. It is nice to know someone cares about where my cocoa is.”

We laughed for a moment and mom and daughter went on their way with the tiny little one waving to me.

I stood there for a moment finding a space in my heart to put this small encounter for times when I need to put my life in perspective.




Those little moments pass you by in a flash like a lightening bolt with its bright lights and sudden waves that startle and wake you up!

Catching some lightning today may help you to think about the important things in life instead of the things that may be not so good that you seem to focus on too much.

There are so very many tiny things that happen to you in your daily life that bring on a smile; savor those moments.


You are what you think you are

When you begin to focus on the good; good things seem to happen because you are what you think and feel, deep down into your soul.

The soul tells it all.

Listen to the smiling whispers that you hear in the breeze as the trees sway and the birds sing their song.

They tell you just like the little girl; what is important in life, and what you need to focus on right now.

Change your focus and you will change your life

Focusing on the important things will bring  love, harmony and balance in your life because the present moment is the only moment that you can change.

Looking back may cause painful moments and looking forward becomes a stressful thought, but staying where you are and capturing some positive energy from others that you meet is the best place to be.

Allow today to be the first day of your positive and healing ways; nurturing yourself and others in this direction even when they may have negative ways on their mind.

React to others in a positive way and it will come back to you in full circle, seeping into the spirit of others as you tell a simple story of love and kindness like the little girl with her cocoa.

Find someone to touch with your bright smile today. Listen to the soft whispers in the wind that tell you your soul wants to speak to you on the topic of loving, thoughtful ways.