Getting through grief

Jeanne said to me in a sad voice, ” I lost my sister and then my brother in the same year. And I have not been right since. And it continues with other losses and hardships. I wonder why I have been given so very much on my plate, but I know I can do it, if only because I have no other choice.”

I did not know what to say to Jeanne because I had some significant losses too that I was trying my best to get through and I  felt stuck in the muck of it all; wondering when it would pass.

Old dollies light the way toward your past, present and future loving moments. And staying in the present can be a beautiful moment in time

Old dollies light the way toward your past, present and future loving moments. Staying in the present can be a beautiful and mindful time filled with love

I said to Jeanne, “Everyone has sorrowful times in their lives that seem like they will not pass. Right now you may believe  the deep sorrow and grief is forever, and some of it will last the rest of your life, but some of it will slowly pass as good things come your way.”

And with the passing of time, you begin to realize that everything needs to be cherished; the good and bad times in life. Honoring all of it, and helping others to see that struggling in life are all part of living life well.

Planting Seeds

When you plant your selfless ways onto another person who needs you, things will get better because there is always someone out there with greater losses than you.


Even if it does not feel that way right now, you will get to that point where your experiences with grief and loss will help others to pass through into a better place. Putting yourself in the shoes of another is an awakening and can allow you to see into your intimate self; finding ways to become a better person.

Selflessness brings about healing

Empathic ways can bring about a new horizon for you where you concentrate on the needs of others instead of your own problems and difficulties.

And when you become this new being, people will notice that you are more patient, more giving, more understanding with selfless, healing  ways that bring positive and loving energy to others as you sprinkle your new ways on others who need you.