Gentle Times

Think about the gentle times in your life when things were simple and the day seemed to last forever.

Remember those long summer days?

Or those times gathering leaves to be swept up; feeling the crispness under your feet with bright colored red and golden colors that scattered before you as you take a deep breath and smell the scent of clover.
And you say to yourself, ” These are the best days of my life, I will not let them pass me by without a smile.” And my memory stays intact as I dig deep into my soul for the beautiful vision of loving times.

Life moves on

Your old collection of treasures becomes a memory

Your old collection of treasures becomes a memory

As you age you stop asking why things happen, and you accept the gentle times as they come along.

Slow, soft snowy days and  long hot summer nights become a blessing because each day is numbered and you know that every moment in time is a precious gift; given to you to treasure.

Needing things

You begin to give more often, expecting less and less as you age. And it is not just the expectations of what you have, and want, it is knowing that you do not need the way you used to need things in life. All you need are the gentle times with loved ones who decide they need to see you too.

Less is truly more as you age because you know that it is time to clear out some of the dust that has collected on your treasures, and move on to a clarity that is meaningful and in harmony with your being.

I love not wanting things the way I used to. The thought of striving for more money, more beautiful collections, more of anything is not part of my being. Life is different because my need is for love and tenderness now.

And developing goals with objectives that lead toward the golden ring are gone as if a gust of wind took them away and left me with only the important things in life.

And my priorities become blissfulness where I find the perfect day with the sun shining with a bright blue sky and birds singing in harmony.