The Skill of Waiting

Patience is difficult, for yourself and with others.

You may wait for someone, impatiently tapping your foot because you think that they are taking too long trying on a new dress.

Or you may be impatient with yourself; trying to hold onto something like fixing the parts on your coffee pot to make it work but it still spills the grounds in the wrong spot.

So do you buy another one or do you keep on trying to patiently fix the one you have?

Relationships are like that too. Do you find ways to move through some of the difficult times by being patient with your significant other or do you plow through and say it’s over?

Sometimes you may just hope to get to the other side of something because then you know that you got through that door whether or not it is a good thing.

When you look at colorful fish, the slowness of their movement slows you down

When you look at colorful fish, the slowness of their movement slows you down

Patience is a skill

And patience is difficult just like taking a test.

You have to study hard at it to get a good grade.

And you have to patiently take time each day to study instead of cramming everything into one night, hoping you pass.

Ways to develop patience

People who really want to learn patience take up activities  like Tai Chi, Meditation and  Yoga. And in these slow, patient ways, you wait in the pose, resolving to be still and silent. If you continue, you build up the skill of being mindful of yourself.

But sometimes you cannot stay still ; you wiggle around, you move too much, you lose your balance, and then give up your practice of stillness and harmony; telling others that you just don’t have it in you to practice mindful ways!

The same is with patience.

The resolution and the healing comes when you are in touch with your inner self; that place that you know you have deep inside of you, but you  ignore your spirit that keeps you still, balanced and connected to yourself.

Sometimes you are happy to wait because you know something good may come out of it, and sometimes you are not because you fear that there will not be a good ending.

Whatever it is that keeps you in your impatient mode, you need to get through it to a place where you are mindful and patient.

This mindful place does exist and you know that you have to stay still and wait to see it in mind, body and spirit.