Tuck some special visions into your soul

Remember when everyone would carry pictures around of their loved ones in their wallets?

I haven’t thought about that in years but that vision can strengthen your soul every time you pull out that picture and take a look at your loved one. Mort Fertel in his book Marriage Fitness believes that you may need to carry pictures with you of loved ones to strengthen your relationship with them. This vision can bring on a deeper connection to your spouse.

Old things like teddy bears and dolls make your heart sing a song

Old things like teddy bears and dolls make your heart sing a song


Visions of you
” I have my wife’s picture in my wallet, and I have carried it around since the day that we met.” said a  man with white hair and a gray beard and brown shiny eyes. I met this man years ago when the picture was new and glossy. His wife was a beautiful woman.

The person who I speak of is someone I have known since my early twenties and when he showed me the picture recently it was curled up and torn a bit but the beauty of his wife who recently passed on to spirit  shinned through the tattered picture with creases and wear.



Because of this person from my past, today I tucked a tiny picture of my soul mate into my wallet to look at every time I need to smile.

I put it in a special wallet that has a  special plastic see-through spot. I use this wallet often and every time I take it out of my purse I will see this vision of my life and love.

And I say out loud in a soft voice, ” I hope this picture becomes worn at the edges with creases that bend a bit as I take it out often, to show how proud I am of my soul mate.”

Do you carry anyone with you as you pass through your life?

Or has the modern world made you believe that you do not need visions with you to hold dear?

Maybe it is time for you to carry your visions with you as you move through life.

And when you pull out that special picture to show others you will smile and have a special positive moment.

Bring some hope and love into your life today with some special visions that touch your soul.


Ideas on pictures of your soul mate: Fertel, Mort. ( 2004). Marriage Fitness: 4 Steps to Building and Maintaining Phenomenal Love.