Listen to the whispers of spirit telling you it is time to take a walk

Be grateful for the blue sky each day as the sun peeks through

Be grateful for the blue sky each day as the sun peeks through


It is calling you to tell  secrets of life and living it well.

Maybe you are older now and you need to be focused on bringing things together into a harmonic and soothing way but you cannot seem to find that spot in your mind’s eye.



Is there too much living in your life today?

Do you need to settle down and cross some of the unnecessary things off  your list so that you can find some comforting moments right now?

Meditation and Prayer

Meditation and prayer are a part of my life each and every day.

I find time in my busy day to just focus on my breath and calm myself.

And there I can focus for a few moments on myself and how important it is to bring a balance to my life each day.

 Meditation: A soft practice for you filled with inactivity and stillness instead of stressful moments

It may be time to practice some meditation or prayer to get you through the moment  you are in right now.

In time you will to get closer to spirit; that place deep down inside your soul where you are soft and mellow; mindful of your breath and caring about silence.

I call on my inner soul to teach me the facts about life and living it well. And I find that I seek out quiet time often; mixing it with some activity and visiting with friends who fill my heart with laughter and smiles.

Where are the answers?

There are no answers to many questions in life; you just have to be; allowing the good and bad to pass along with hope in your heart and a purposeful gait with your head up and shoulders back as you walk your path.
Those things that you try to figure out in life that do not seem to have an answer are spoken softly in the slight warm breezes of summer and also in the cold, frigid winds of winter.
They are there inside of you but sometimes you forget to listen to that inner voice showing  you the way.