The Connection

Some things change, and some do not

I connected with an old friend recently and  talked about the past, future and our present moment.

Things have changed but some things have stayed the same.

And when you reminisce  with old friends, they may look different; older and wiser, but they may think the same way and do the same things. But if you or they have changed a lot, you may have an  interesting conversation filled with many tales to tell.

Past Significant Moments

And it seems like yesterday as teenagers I met friends on the beach walking through the stones and sand barefoot, looking for shiny, worn glass and flipping flat stones in the water, starting bomb fires at night and collecting fire flies in a glass jar to light our way!

On Our Way through life

After seeing this friend, we agreed to stay connected but knew that we may not. I said, ” Time passes us by in the wink of an eye and those memories from the past stay intact, just like it was this moment in time.”  He replied, ” Things change and you move on but those connections from the past bring on a smile on a sad or lonely day.”


Present Connections that may  need some repair

May your travels down the road connect you to your present moment

May your travels down the road connect you to your present moment

Remember your connection to your family, friends and lovers. Let those experiences in time bring you back to today; bringing much happiness, love and positive energy that you can pass along to others.

Do not stay in the past; let it become your lessons learned well on how to connect better with your present friends and family. Think often of your present life; sending positive and loving energy to the people you love. And when you see them; embrace, kiss and hug to show how much you care.



Worldly Connections

You are connected to one anther in the world. In many ways you find these connections often. I can think of many times in my life when I connected the dots to someone from my past with a reunion that added to my life in many ways.

When you become a dot connector, you find things in life that you would never have found without your investigations, and people from your past become your present, good moments.

Loving Relationships

When love relationships simmer down and cannot seem to re-ignite you may have to work at keeping them sound and honored by working on the parts that need repair.

Simple things like being nice to each other may become difficult if there are resentments and anger, but these things can be worked on too.


You have to be patient in your connections with others; finding ways to form a mutuality between you and your significant other. Again it becomes a puzzle that you work on slowly putting the pieces together to form a stronger bond. Remember that when puzzle pieces sometimes fall apart, come up missing or just move along, it may not be too late to re-connect but you need to  feed your connections with love and caring moments.